What’s all this about?
Explained at length in this post, but the gist of is I wanted a platform to cover all my resolutions for 2017 simultaneously. The resolutions essentially boil down to write more and be more organised goddammit; hence, this blog.

Who writes here?
That’d be me. I’m Kai, 21 years old. English Language Studies major. Used to want to study English literature but somehow got hooked into linguistics instead. A strong believer in descriptive linguistics and the power of good food to make a bad day significantly more bearable. Author and occasional accidental poet. True neutral. INFP. Incredibly opinionated. The zodiac is a category, not a determiner. What else is there to say?

What will I find here?
Apart from daily musings and tabs on what I’ve been eating (it’s part of the whole resolutions thing), you’ll find me talking about food and recipes and also reviews on books, movies, music, video games… basically anything under the sun that catches my interest and/or I’m excited about. I don’t travel much, but expect travel posts when I do.

Why Bergamot And Vanilla?
Bergamot and vanilla are my two utmost favourite scents and flavours. There’s something comforting about the scent of vanilla infused in black tea, and Earl Grey is one of my favourite blends. I love the refreshing feel of citrus scents, and truth be told? There’s nothing basic about vanilla ice-cream. Nothing at all.