[57/365] Resurgence: An Explanation

It’s been a while… haha…

I have no excuses? Save for the fact that there are certain periods in a year where I just eschew social networking sites? I’m naturally a recluse by nature, and there are times where I dial that reclusive nature all the way up to 11 by leaving all my SNS accounts on radio silence except the ones that matter, like Whatsapp (where 99% of my academic communications take place, what the fuck, what happened to good old email?) and email (mostly for What The Fuck Just Happened Today, which I highly recommend, and updates from my goddamn group order manager, where are my albums and refund woman). Otherwise I just don’t. Bother. At all.

Which is why I haven’t updated the blog in a month, thus breaking my planned one-post-a-day streak. It’s not something that I do consciously – sometimes I just think, man I really don’t want to deal with anything right now, and so I don’t. I stop talking to people except when it counts. I don’t obsessively refresh my timeline looking for something interesting. If I happen to stumble upon something interesting then wahey, but I don’t actively go looking for it. I just stumble through the motions.

It could just be my depression acting up again. I don’t know.

I think I’m gonna get back into the swing of things, though! I’ve got three new albums – all Korean – that I want to review, and once I finally get my hands on BTS’ You Never Walk Alone albums that I’d ordered I kind of want to make an unwrapping? Unboxing? I definitely want to talk about what I got since this is the first time I bought physical copies for myself in addition to a digital copy, so I’m excited!

For what it’s worth, this won’t be the first time I suddenly disappear on a month-long hiatus or so. It happens. Some years it happens more often. That’s just how it is.

Til next time.


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