[51/365] Injuries

It has been two weeks into the new semester, and all in all it’s been rather odd. For one, I haven’t had a single night of proper sleep at all since I came back to uni. It’s unlikely for a university student to get proper sleep and all that jazz once they start suffering for the sake of their academic life, yeah, but I’m not talking about sleeping a full eight hours each night or anything like that. Rather, I haven’t been able to sleep without waking up in fits and starts, or feeling like I’d woken up from a nightmare I can barely recall. That bothers me more than not getting a full eight hours, if I’m being perfectly honest.

And it’s probably because I was fairly sedentary and inactive during semester break, but my muscles hurt like all hell. My legs feel like they’re not even mine by the way they’re hurting (neither does my brain seem to be working, judging by that sentence. what does that even mean?). I’ve got bruises in places it’s impossible to bruise, and I can’t move without my back cracking every few hours or so.

To put it frankly, university and stress together culminate in one very injured Kai, but the problem is I don’t even know what’s stressing me out. I just am. And it pisses me off.


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