[37/365] Something To Think About (I)

Here’s something to ponder:

The next time someone pisses you off – the asshole who cut across your lane and nearly had you rear-ending them, or that really nasty shopkeeper who spat in your face when you asked why the cans of ginger ale don’t have price labels, or the promoter who wouldn’t help you for some reason – and you’re cursing them under your breath, wishing them a painful death (or any other mishap you might curse them with), pay attention to what you call them.

Do you call them “that fucking asshole”, or “that fucking Chinese asshole”?

How many racist epithets do you include in your anger? How often do you associate a person’s ethnicity with their lack of good qualities?

No matter how subconscious the act may be, the fact that you’re mentioning ethnicity at all especially in circumstances where an asshole is simply an asshole and has nothing to do with their ethnicity means that you’re associating a person’s ethnicity with their lack of good qualities. You’re associating ethnicity with bad behaviour. And that’s racist.

Sometimes an asshole is just an asshole.

Think about it.


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