[28/365] Holiday Blues

My group order manager’s finally shipping out my photobook next Tuesday, but I won’t be able to retrive it until I come back to university on the weekend after the 10th of February. I’m excited to go back – especially to finally get my hands on that damn photobook – but I’m sort of dreading it a little. A month’s holiday saps out a lot of your enthusiasm for school, no matter how enthusiastic you were for it in the first place, and I am super enthusiastic about school, let me tell you.

Ah well. Time will pass and things will come as they do. I just have to go along with the flow. Definitely excited about that photobook, and another fanmerch I’d ordered last year is arriving in the country at the end of February, so with that and the albums I’m most probably going to preorder (my bank account is weeping as I type this) I’ll be receiving a lot of packages this semester. Honestly looking forward to that.

Right now I’m having a late night snack of KFC because I woke up starving. Good job, me. Everyone’s watching football, there’s shitty fastfood to be had, and it feels good for now. Things are alright, and for now I’m good. Tomorrow will be a different matter – I’ll be irritated just remembering that I haven’t gone anywhere during these holidays and lowkey jealous of a friend of mine who’s travelling round Europe right now (but I asked her to get me something from Primark in London and she said she will, so that’s something to look forward to!), and I’ll be worried about all my bad financial decisions and my grades and lack of enthusiasm in living life, but for now – for now, it’s good.

Til next time.


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