[26/365] Making The Most of the Time (?)

I’m heading out to my old high school – which also happens to be where I did my foundations – on the 10th of February, to give some sort of presentation to prospecting students from one of the premiere girls’ school in Malaysia. My general dislike of premiere single-sex schools aside, I’m primarily aiming to meet some of my old friends and possibly get a free lunch or something out of the deal. Seeing as my classes start on the 13th of February, I figured I might as well head back to the dorms early to clean up and stuff. No point going back and forth between the university and my house, right?

Having said that, it makes me realise I’ve got about two weeks left of my holidays. I like being busy with classes and assignments, but whenever there’s a holiday I always feel extremely reluctant to leave home and go back to school. This is coming from someone who actually likes school, even! Thinking about it, I decided to make full use of what time I have left by tackling the most important thing that’s plagued me throughout last semester – watching stuff without the judging eyes of my roommate.

Don’t laugh, it’s a big deal to me. I always feel so awkward when my roommate’s in the room and I’m watching the 2015 Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on Stage DVD. I’m very vocal in my reactions – I tend to scream whenever the vocal line is singing because goddamn they sound so beautiful I’m tearing up – and doing it with company around is embarrassing, to say the least, so I’m rewatching every BTS video I have while I can. Right now I’m taking a break from BTS (because there’s only so much my heart can take) and rewatching Acchi Kocchi – hands down the best slice-of-life anime to exist ever – and I’m barely past the first episode but I’ve already split my sides laughing.

Acchi Kocchi is a pretty sentimental anime for me. I’m very old-fashioned so the stupid gags in this anime get me every single damn time, but apart from that Acchi Kocchi helped a lot when I was out of my mind with depression. It cheered me up a lot during those dark times, so I’m constantly glad it exists. It’s my go-to cheer up material, honestly.

What’s not to love about Acchi Kocchi? The main cast are cute and even the side characters have personality. It’s slice-of-life, so there’re no drama or tragic backstories – just a bunch of idiots who are friends going through life and love. No angst, no tragedy, just unadulterated comedy and fluff.

I love it.

Still debating whether or not I should get the new BTS album that’s coming out next month hmmm

Til next time.


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