[24/365] Comeback Blues

BTS is releasing an extended version of their WINGS album in February and I am sorely tempted to pre-order it. I have to constantly remind myself that I am a broke college student with no money to spare pre-ordering two albums just so I can have both posters – and that’s not even considering the fact that I might not even get the two different versions in the first place, considering it’s so random! Plus, there hasn’t been any concept photos or teasers out, so I don’t know if they’ll be worth getting or not.

I really want one though. I really, really want one. I already know I’ll most likely love the album in general, but I just really want the first-press limited edition poster to put up in my room. I’m hoping the concept will be something nicer than what they did with WINGS – the album photobook is hinting at a pastel/rustic concept, so I guess we’ll see. The photobook already seems like it’ll be of a better quality than WINGS, so I’m somewhat looking forward to finding out.

I hope they release concept photos so we’ll have an idea of what we’re gonna get.

I guess I’ll start picking up those translating and proofreading jobs next semester.

Til next time.


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