[23/365] A Blip

There might be a bit of a problem. My laptop, as you all know, is a much beloved machine that’s been with me for more than four years now. It’s also broken at the hinges, the wireless driver can’t detect any wifi signal other than my phone, and it can’t run admin processes. It freezes for an indeterminable amount of time before crashing and closing every Windows Explorer window open. This also means I can’t refresh or reset the laptop to factory settings the normal way, and Safe Mode doesn’t work. In other words, my laptop is well and truly fucked.

Normally it’s not a problem, because other than the wifi issue – which is rectified by using my phone as a hotspot – my laptop gets the job done. I can still use the browser, I can still watch videos and play video games, I can use Microsoft Office. It only really becomes a problem when I run out of data on my phone, which then means I can’t do anything productive like write really long posts or do research or anything of the sort.

No prizes for guessing what the problem is today.

My data quota will be replenished next month, which means it’ll be a week without internet for me. I can’t conceivably type up posts on my phone all the time because my phone is also a finicky piece of equipment, so I’ll figure out a way to queue up some posts for the remainder of my data-free month. Regular daily posting – regular as in me panicking at 10pm about what to write for the day – will resume around the 30th of January, or when I have data on my phone again. Whichever comes first.

That’s all I have for today. Til next time.


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