[20/365] Irritated

I try to be a good person, I really do, but there’s really so much I can take before I get mad irritated. Being woken up in a panic early in the morning certainly doesn’t help. Neither does having to repeat something multiple times and getting told off because I was beginning to look exasperated. I don’t like it when someone says one thing and then acts like they didn’t mean it and then they get all offended because I did the thing they said and not the thing they did not say. I don’t like it the internet acts up and I can’t open any heavy websites for no plausible reason.

I don’t know. Today just doesn’t seem like a good day, I guess.

At least I made great pasta for lunch.

I’m physically incapable of refusing anything that’s Tesco and British
*jazz hands* aesthetics~
It’s pretty good, considering!


Water intake: more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: we went grocery shopping and got fruits – finally – so I had a couple of bananas
Vegetable intake: carrots in my pasta and later on cabbages in my mum’s fried noodles

Til next time.


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