[17/365] Personality Clash Pt. II

Though I might talk a bit more about personality tests and stuff today, because it’s really a fond topic of mine. I aced psychology during foundations without even opening the textbook because the textbook was honestly shit and I know more about psychology from my own reading anyway, but the point is psychology’s cool if you don’t dwell on how unsettling Freud’s psychosexual development theories are – be real, folks, you can’t possibly not be weirded out by some old dude wondering if toddlers are aroused by anal stimulation even if it was in the name of scientific progress. It’s weird. It’s hella weird, which is why I don’t like reading about psychosexual development any more than I actually have to.

Why am I even talking about psychosexual development theories? Oh, right – personalities.

See, the thing with any sort of testing is that nothing is 100% conclusive. MBTI testing says I’m an INFP-T, empathetic and sensitive and compassionate. True, but I also scored low on the Agreeableness portion of the Big Five test, which means I’m likely to be disagreeable and rude and also callous. Does that sound contradictory to you? It does to me, so which one is true?

The answer is both. I’m empathetic, yes, and I like it when people don’t fight and we all get along, but precisely because I have values on what I consider to be agreeable behaviour, I’m also prone to pick fights with people who piss me off. I wear my emotions on my face and it’s clear when I don’t like someone, because I’m too much of a cynic to believe that every single person on this earth is capable of playing nice. Some people are just assholes. When I meet assholes, I become an asshole too. I’m like an asshole detector – only an asshole in the presence of other assholes.

Ignore the innuendos in that sentence, it’s not worth your time.

In any case, this is true with all personality tests. Not all the traits will apply to you, regardless of your results. Some people are a mix between multiple personality traits. There are 7 billion people on this planet, it’s implausible to think every single one can be sorted neatly into 16 personality types (32 if you include the Assertive and Turbulent variants).  Some people are precisely their zodiac, some people aren’t. The most accurate personality descriptor for me, personally, is the D&D alignment – I took the Wizards of the Coast’s alignment test for character creation just to see how I’d do, and guess what I got? That’s right, I got True Neutral again. It’s the most all-encompassing and accurate one so far, and that’s alright by me. The others are just bells and whistles. Wait, that’s no right – more like little fine details, to be honest.

What’s important is that you look into yourself and know where you really stand. If a test says you’re so-and-so type and you don’t agree, you don’t have to agree with it. Look at the results and then look at yourself carefully – which parts do you really feel are accurate about you? Which traits resonate with you the most? Remember, the personality tests don’t define you. You define yourself – the tests are just guides to help you get there.

You’d be surprised at what you can learn about yourself.


Water intake: more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: still fruitless
Vegetable intake: stir-fried beans today!

Til next time.


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