[16/365] Personality Clash

Remember yesterday I mentioned my sister was ordering Colourpop from some friend of hers? I decided to get one in this shade!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Notion!
Apparently it’s a blackened raspberry, which is great because I love berries. Berries are great.

I’m hoping this shade will go well with my skintone. I’m honestly a bit nervous, because I’m ordering this without going by test swatches and stuff unlike when I got my Kylie K and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, but here’s hoping for the best! I should be receiving it within the month or next, so look forward to some hands-on review. Maybe I’ll do a post about all the liquid lipsticks I have. That could be fun.

Today’s topic is about personalities. Some have said it’s pseudo-psychoanalysis bullshit, some swear by it. I personally love looking at personality traits, from the Big Five to MBTI, zodiacs and everything in between. Alignments are my particular favourite, because I’m a huge RPG nerd and they make good basis for creating moral compasses. Here’s a list of my personality traits and what they mean:

    The Big Five test is the most common idea revolving human personality, in that it assumes the human personality comprises of five major parts: openness to experiences/intellect, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. I scored high on openness to experiences/intellect and conscientiousness (always game for trying out new things, somewhat well-organised and reliable), but low on extraversion and agreeableness (super introverted, lacking of poker face, my dislike shows clearly on my face). My neuroticism score was halfway, meaning I’m neither particularly nervous nor calm.
    Based on work done by Carl Jung, it operates on the idea that the human personality revolves around several key components similar to those found in the Big Five theory. My type is INFP-T, the Mediator – I’m introverted, go largely by my gut feelings, empathetic as fuck and preferring to have everyone get along with each other, and capable of improvising shit on the fly. Apparently I’m skilled in being, well, the mediator in any group I end up in. The T in INFP-T stands for Turbulent – I’m (supremely) self-conscious and susceptible to stress, which is true. I have incredibly low self-esteem.
    Going by the astrological zodiac, I’m an Aries. I can be spontaneous at times and daring in all the wrong situations, but I can also be cruel and violent. Sometimes too trusting and optimistic to a fault, although life experiences have tempered that optimism to a simmering we-will-all-die-one-day pessimism that is uniquely mine. Most people think our personalities and lives are shaped by the zodiac. I don’t believe that. I think the zodiac is a category -most people who are born within a certain time period share the same personality traits, hence the correlation between personality trait and zodiac.
    Beginning with Dungeons & Dragons and later on carrying into various other tabletop RPGs, the alignment is a handy tool in determining one’s moral compass. I’ve taken countless alignment tests and my results always end up being the same: True Neutral – fair, distant, and self-reliant. True neutrals tend to remain non-judgmental and uncommitted to any systems within society. They value their own well-being and that of friends and loved ones, and may struggle passionately on behalf of themselves or others, and feel compassion for those they barely know. They rarely provoke violence, but will defend themselves when necessary, and will fight for their friends and those who defend them. Essentially me in a nutshell.

I’d like to talk about personalities more, but I’m nearing the deadline for today’s post (I try to have them up before midnight). Maybe I’ll expand more on personalities tomorrow, maybe not. You can find all these tests online – just search them on Google and you’ll find them!

What are your personality traits? Let me know in the comments.


Water intake: more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: still fruit-less
Vegetable intake: all the sawi hijau in today’s rice noodles, eurgh. Also bean sprouts are the worse. It’s 99% water!

Til next time.


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