[6/ 365] Intro: Not Everything Is As It Seems

It’s an intro because I’m too tired to devote the necessary brain power required for a deep topic like this, so I’m writing an intro so I’ll remember what to write about tomorrow.

Things aren’t always as they seem. There are layers to people, to organisations, to industries – layers and layers that are unseen, that you’d need to pull back and analyse in its entirety so that you can understand the whole picture. The idol industry isn’t just smiles and giggles, your faves being cute on camera and oh so hardworking for the fans. There’s a lot of sacrifice in it, a lot of machinations and manipulations, money switching hands and favours curried all so your faves can be on top of the charts.

Nothing is as it seems. It sounds dramatic, but has anybody considered the near paedophilic fan mentality that persists in the J-idol industry? You think it’s all cute guys who are hyping over AKB48? There are dangers, there are risks, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong, but you’d never think of those, would you?

It’s time to learn.

Til next time.


Water intake: definitely more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: none, because no one was selling any
Vegetable intake: everything in my mee tarik, which again is a lot

Damn, there goes this month’s streak.


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