[1/365] Starting Off With A Bang

…more like a whimper as I collapsed on the floor after my first jogging session in more than two years, but that’s neither here nor there.

So! It’s officially 2017 and it’s the first (proper) post for Bergamot And Vanilla! I’m excited, honestly – it’ll be fun to look back after a hopefully exciting and productive year and think back on how it all started. Obviously I’ve got big dreams for this blog – not plans, just dreams. maybe someone would send me a liquid lipstick line to review? A GIRL CAN DREAM – and it’s always fun to imagine them becoming reality, but ultimately everyone has to start small somewhere, and this is my beginning.

Wow, that got poetic real fast. At any rate, I woke up to messages of HAPPY NEW YEAR timestamped at midnight (yes, happy new year to you guys too dammit) and was jolted out of bed by the reminder that it’s the 1st of January and time to get a move on on the first item on my resolution: being healthy. That meant jogging. And so jogging I went.

Being a relatively weak person, I have to know where my limits are. I’m not built for straight 30-minute jog sessions, so I’m starting off alternating 6-minute walking with 1-minute jogging, and gradually decreasing the former and increasing the latter over time. It worked well for me back in Britain, so I see no problem stopping now. Instead of going round to the stadium like a normal person would, I decided to go the opposite way and jog around the residential neighbourhood, the one after the bus depot. We used to hold cross-country (laugh) circuits there back in high school, and I figured I’d be in safe territory there. It’s practically my backyard. There’s no way I would be lost in a place I’ve been running around for two years, right?

I missed the turn I should’ve taken to make one complete circuit and ended up going so deep into the neighbourhood I found myself at a dead-ended driveway. Further random running around got me even more lost, so in the end I had to carefully backtrack and squint at the landmarks before I found the turn and got myself back on track. It’s all good, though. I like getting lost and finding my way back, and the air was relatively fresh enough so as to make the whole trip enjoyable. I started getting really winded around the 20-minute mark, though, so I decided to cut it short at around 25 minutes and headed back to my dorm.

Great view, which made it all worthwhile!

I got back, went up to my floor, and veritably collapsed on the hallway floor, right under the router so I could comfortably use the internet while groaning about how my muscles were killing me.

Told you I’m weak.

But that’s one thing checked off my list for this week! That, and doing my laundry. Not pleased it rained, but at least my clothes didn’t get caught in the storm. They’ll be dry tomorrow. I’ve got this app called LifeRPG where you can basically set yourself missions and assign experience points and rewards when you complete them. Mine’s set up pretty basic and revolves completely around this blog:

Particularly proud of the “Less Poison, More Mana” title
All my rewards are food, that’s how much I prioritise food in my life

It’s a super great app especially if you’re an avid fan of role-playing games – like me – and love coming up with puns and witty one-liners for achievements and mission titles – like me. It’s super customisable, and there are tons of strategy guides on reddit so that you can fully utilise the app’s full potential in your quest for ultimate self-improvement. Me, I’m fine with just using it for my personal resolutions. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve always been more of a go-along-with-the-flow kind of person, anyhow!

I mentioned this app because there’s just something immensely fulfilling about checking off a mission on the list and hearing that custom “MISSION COMPLETE!” ding (mine is an SFX from Transistor; a great game, will talk about it next time!). It’s that same feeling I get when I finish a quest in an RPG like Skyrim or Dragon’s Dogma – it feels like I’ve accomplished something, which is always a good feeling to have no matter how trivial this particular quest might have been. I believe in  good vibes and not undermining anyone’s efforts, be they yours or others, so this is a thing I’m super happy about. Even if you’re not super into role-playing games, I’d recommend giving this app a go. Who knows, it might help make those irritating chores just that more fun to work through.


What’s this, you ask? This is the addendum to every post I’ll be making on this blog, focusing on my diet and how it’s been going so far. Key points are how much water I’ve ingested, how many servings of fruits I had, and if I’d thrown away any of the vegetables in my meals. It’s basic, but it should help me keep track of things. Eating healthily is one of the reasons I created this blog so this had better help, honestly!

Water intake: more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: loads! Mum fed me so many papaya and watermelon slices
Vegetable intake: hadn’t thrown away a single one in any of my meals

I’m still struggling through the mustard greens – otherwise known as the dastardly sawi hijau – in this kuey tiow though. WHY ARE THEY SO BITTER? Also I keep spitting out chilli seeds and let me tell you, you do not want to ingest so many chilli seeds. They’re an appendicitis risk if you swallow too many of them, and they’re not exactly vegetables either. The sheer amount of chilli seeds I find in this damn kuey tiow almost makes me want to send the cooks a packet of my mum’s grade-A homemade cili boh, just so they know how it should be done.

I went home for a bit this afternoon and passed by this place called Chicking on the way. It’s a company from the UAE, sort of like KFC but with loads more varieties than just fried chicken with crispy batter (here’s their UAE site, here’s their Malaysian site). Out of nostalgia for the chicken popcorns that KFC used to have, I decided to give their Chick Pops a go.

My hands are average-sized, I swear

That tiny box of Chick Pops was about the size of my hand, and my hands are normal-sized. It cost RM8 and honestly? It wasn’t even that good. My sister said she really liked the fried chicken, though, and I saw a lot of families at the restaurant, so maybe I just made a bad choice this time. Either way, this particular offering is one to stay away from. If you’ve ever tried it, let me know how you feel about it!

Til next time.


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